Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is a series of equipment for producing asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture. Drum type hot mix asphalt plant mainly consist of cold aggregate feeder, bitumen tank, burner, drying & mixing drum, hot asphalt elevator, hot asphalt silo, control cabin, etc. Asphalt drum mixing plant is the key equipment for the highway construction, urban road construction, port and airport construction, etc. According to the technological process, asphalt plant for sale can be divided into two types: one is batch mix asphalt plant, the other one continuous asphalt batching plant. This article mainly introduce the continuous asphalt drum mix plant.

Model MADP20
Capacity(t/h) 20
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate±1.5
Total Power(kw) 40
Fuel Consumption(kg/t)Coal10

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant for Sale Introduction

Continuous asphalt drum plant can produce the asphalt mixture continuously, aggregate heating, drying and admixture mix are conducted in one drum, so the producing efficient is very high, continuous asphalt drum mix plant for sale is a type of ideal plant for customers who has a large asphalt mixture project and have the demand of large quantity asphalt. We Daswell machinery also provide the mobile asphalt drum mix plant, which is equipped with tires, thus this plant can achieve the free movement. We also provide the mini drum mix plant, you can choose the right one for your project.

MADP Series Asphalt Plant
MADP Series Asphalt Plant
MADP 40 mobile asphalt drum mixing plant
Model MADP40
Capacity(t/h) 40
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate±1.5
Total Power(kw) 75
Fuel Consumption(kg/t)Coal10~13

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Process

Drum type hot mix plant process mainly includes the cold aggregates, filler and asphalt.

  1. The cold aggregate usually is the crushed stone, crushed stone transported to the drying drum through the inclined belt feeding conveyor, after drying and heating, the hot aggregate is transported to the vibrating screen by the hot aggregate hoist. Then the aggregates will be screened according to the diameter size through the vibrating screen and discharged to the hot aggregate storage bin. Next, the hot aggregate will be weighed through the weighing system then discharged to the mix cylinder proportionally.
  2. During the process of drying and heating, there will be some filler and it will be convey to recycle bin through the dust collecting system. The new filler usually is new, new and the old filler will be discharged to the filler weighing system. After weighing, they will be conveyed to the mixing cylinder.
  3. As for asphalt, it is pumped into the asphalt tank, heated, drained to the asphalt weighing system, and then to the mixing tank.
  4. Finally, under electrical control, three materials are mixed in the mixing cylinder according to the specified time.The asphalt mixture will then be stored in the finished product bin or transported to the asphalt carrier for use on the construction site.
asphalt mixing plant components
Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant Componets and Process

Asphalt Batch Plant VS Drum Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Batch Plant

  1. The whole design ofintermittent drying drum and double horizontal shaft stirring cylinder makes the stirring thoroughly, so the finished materials with better quality.
  2. Accurate measurement, stable quality.
  3. As for asphalt, it is pumped into the asphalt tank, heated, drained to the asphalt weighing system, and then to the mixing tank.
  4. Adopt the PLC programmable centralize control, touch screen operation, automatic or manual switch freely.
  5. Mobile chassis constructionmakes transportation and installation fast and convenient. Coal fuel oil dual – purpose combustion furnace, can be selected according to user needs.

Mobile Aspahlt Drum Mix Plant

  1. Cost Saving. The drying drum and mixing drum adopt the intermittent deign, which reduce the investment for customers.
  2. Easy operation. When the drum rotates  with clockwise rotation, it is heating the aggregates; When it rotates adversely, it will discharge aggregate quickly. The whole machine with simple structure, easy operation.
  3. Adopt the PLC programmable centralize control, touch screen operation, automatic or manual switch freely.
  4. The mobile chassis structure makes transportation and installation fast and convenient.
  5. Coal fuel oil dual – purpose combustion furnace, can be selected according to user needs.
MADP 60 mobile asphalt drum mixing plant
Model MADP60
Capacity(t/h) 60
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate±1.5
Total Power(kw) 128
Fuel Consumption(kg/t)Coal10~13

Drum Mix Plant Advantages

  1. Good and stable performance;
  2. Made of high quality material, have long service;
  3. Use intelligent PLC control system, easy to operate and easy to maintain, high working efficiency;
  4. Can produce high quality asphalt mixture accurately;
  5. Environment-friendly;
  6. Frequency speed can be adjusted;
  7. Multiple fuel burner can work with many fuel types, such as coal, oil or natural gas,can achieve heat efficiency to maximum.
  8. 8.Drying drum has functions of heating, drying and mixing, high energy efficiency ratio; optimized inner structure and external thermal insulation shell, fast heating speed and less heat loss.
Mobile Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant
Drum Type Asphalt Plant
asphat plant for sale
Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant for sale

Drum Mix Plant Price

The asphalt plant price is influenced by many factors. Different types asphalt plant with different price. For example, we provide the mobile asphalt drum mix plant, stationary asphalt mixing plant, small asphalt plant for sale, you can choose the proper type according to your project situation, and our sales will quote for you.

Daswell machinery is professional in producing various asphalt plant for sale, we have exported our products to many countries, such as Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. And we get good feedback from our customers.

MADP 80 mobile asphalt drum mixing plant
Model MADP80
Capacity(t/h) 80
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate±1.5
Total Power(kw) 165
Fuel Consumption(kg/t)Coal10~13
MADP 100 mobile asphalt drum mixing plant
MADP 100
Model MADP100
Capacity(t/h) 100
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate±1.5
Total Power(kw) 200
Fuel Consumption(kg/t)Coal10~13

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer

Daswell machinery is a reliable and professional drum mix asphalt plant manufacturer, we have rich experience of manufacturing stationary asphalt plant  asphalt plant for sale, mobile asphalt drum mix plant  and portable asphalt batch plant for over 30 year. We produce the products with foreign advanced technology, and adopt the international famous brand to optimize our asphalt mixing plant. We aim to provide the best product and considerable service. If you buy our asphalt batch mix plant, we provide the installation instruction for you. If you have any demand for the asphalt drum mix plants, welcome leave message here, and we Daswell asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer will contact you for the product details and quotation.

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