Brick Making Machine

Brick making machine for sale is professional and efficient equipment to produce various kinds of bricks. It adopt the PLC control system, to realize the automatic production of the bricks and blocks. It can produce various kinds of bricks with the different raw materials. Such as the fly ash, sand, cement, building waste, etc. So it has produce the tiles, tiles, color bricks, building blocks, etc. For it has the automatic control system, so the brick making process is easy and efficient.

QTJ4-26 Brick Making Machine
BMM4-26 Brick Making Machine
QTJ4-26 Work Site
BMM4-26 Work Site

Model BMM 4-26
Capacity(for 390*190*190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 375-500
Molding Cycle(s) 26
Vibration Frequency (rpm) 4200
Exciting Force(KN) 45
Power(kw) 11.6
Overall Dimension(mm) 2150*1660*2550
Pallet Size(mm) 850*450

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QT5-15 automatic brick maker machine
QT5-15 automatic brick making machine
BMM5-15 in our Production Factory

QT5-15 automatic brick making machine for sale
QT5-15 automatic making machine

Model BMM5-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 900-1200
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8800
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 1100×570
Exciting Force(KN) 60
Overall Power(KW) 32

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Raw Material of Bricks and Blocks
automatic brick maker machine raw materials
raw materials

Types of Block Brick Machine

The brick making machines have many types with different specifications to satisfy the different requirement of our customers. We Daswell provide hollow brick making machine, fly ash block making machine,concrete block machine for sale, cement block machine for sale, etc.  We provide different size and shapes moulds, you can produce the different blocks and bricks.

QT4-15 automatic brick making machine
Model BMM4-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 720-960
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 5930-6720
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4600
Pallet Size(mm) 1020×570
Exciting Force(KN) 55
Overall Power(KW) 27.5

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QT6-15 automatic brick making machine
QT6-15 concrete block production plant
BMM6-15 block production plant

QT6-15-automatic-brick machine in Mexico
BMM6-15-automatic-brick machine in Mexico
Model BMM6-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1080-1440
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8861
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4500-5100
Pallet Size(mm) 900×700
Exciting Force(KN) 65
Overall Power(KW) 28

We Daswell provide the stataionary brick making machine and mobile block making machine. According to the different type bricks, the brick machine can be divided into the hollow block maker philippines, automatic type brick machine, fly ash brick machines, concrete block making machine, interlocking block machine sale, etc.

DMBE 12A mobile concrete block making machine
mobile concrete block machine
mobile block machine

mobile brick making machine operating lever
Model DMBE-12A
Molding Quantity 12pcs/mould(400*200*200mm)
Cycle Time 25s
Production Capacity 1700pcs/hour
Operation Pressure 16-20Mpa
Vibration Mode Excitation
Demolding mode Hydraulic
Total Power 17.5Kw
Total Weight 5100KGS

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Bricks Production Machine Features

The block machine is made of high quality steel and special welding technology so that it has the characteristics of solid and vibration proof.

  1. It uses PLC control system to finalize automatic production, easy to operate; manual or electric control are optional;
  2. Different mounds using for our needs and easy replace;
  3. Mechanical transmission;
  4. Compact structure;
  5. Easy maintenance;
  6. Upper and lower forces, strong vibration, strength up to 20MPa, especially suitable for the production of high strength load-bearing blocks.
QT8-15 automatic brick making machine
Model BMM8-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1200-1600
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 9000-10000
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 21
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 950×900
Exciting Force(KN) 85
Overall Power(KW) 51

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Finished Bricks

Our brick making machine for sale can produce different types and shapes of bricks with different molds, it can produce solid bricks, hollow bricks, interlocking bricks, pavers, ceiling blocks and so on. We Daswell provide the different specifications  blocks making machine, different spefications means that the different production output. For example, BMM4-15 cement block making machine philippines can produce the 720-960 hollow blocks per hour while BMM8-15 cement block machine can provide 1200-1600 bricks.

finished standard bricks
finished standard bricks
finished solid block bricks
finished solid block
use of finished bricks
use of finished bricks

QT10-15 automatic brick making machine
Model BMM10-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1440-1800
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 11011-12480
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 21
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 1100×900
Exciting Force(KN) 110
Overall Power(KW) 67

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QT12-15 automatic brick making machine
Model BMM12-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm   hollow block)(pcs/h) 1728-2160
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm  solid brick)(pcs/h) 12700-14400
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 21
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 1300×900
Exciting Force(KN) 110
Overall Power(KW) 67

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