What is a concrete boom pump, and how does it work?

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of construction projects, the demand for concrete boom pump trucks has increased. With the development of modern technology, especially the use of computers, various new technologies, new materials, new structures and new process have been widely used in concrete boom pump trucks. All these factors have strongly promoted the development boom pump trucks.

Truck-mounted concrete boom pumps have been the industry standard for pumping efficiency in concrete pumping industry, because it is allowed you placing anywhere around the work site.

Concrete Boom Pump for Sale Introduction

Concrete boom truck, the full name is concrete boom pump truck, which is kind of concrete pump mounted on a truck chassis. It is used for the concrete pumping for the construction site. Generally, boom pumps for sale are working together with the concrete transit mixer truck.

The concrete pump truck is a kind of high-efficiency concrete conveying equipment that integrates the functions of driving, pumping, and distribution. Daswell concrete boom pump truck for sale has the features of high reliability, high economy, high safety and high durability.

Daswell 30m Pumpcrete

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The chassis, power, electric control, hydraulic pressure, and pumping system are reasonably matched; the boom is flexible and fast, the outriggers occupy a small space, the whole vehicle is convenient to move, maneuverable, stable and safe. The small pump truck is equipped with a special chassis, and it can easily pass through muddy and narrow roads with excellent passability. Provide adequate protection for various construction occasions and conditions.

Parameter TMBP22m TMBP25m TMBP30m TMBP33m TMBP38m
Whole truck Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 10000*2100*3250 9600*2300*3300 9850*2350*3500 9850*2350*3540 10250*2500*3720
Weight (kg) 16000 17000 195000 22600 22600
Drive way 4×2 4×2 4×2 4×2 4×2
Engine Yuchai Yuchai Yuchai Yuchai Man
Output power/speed (kw/rpm) 147/2000 147/2000 177/2000 177/2300 228/2300
Wheelbase (mm) 4700 4700 4700 5200/5000 5200/5000
Arm & leg Vertical height (m) 21.9 25.5 29.7 33 38
Horizontal length (m) 18.1 21.7 25.9 29.5 33.2
Vertical depth (m) 15.5 19 22
Distance between front and rear leg 5200 6100 6300 6800 6800
Leg open method Front X type X type X type X type X type
Rear H type H type Swing type Swing type Swing type
Pumping system Theoretical capacity (m3/h) Low pressure 80 80 80 140 140
High pressure 50 50 50 83 83
Theoretical pumping pressure (MPa) Low pressure 8.5 8.5 8.5 8 8
High pressure 10.5 10.5 10.5 12 12
Main oil pump displacement (ml/r) 140 190 190 190 190
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.5 0.5

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How does a Boom Pump Truck Work?

Boom concrete pump truck is a complicated system, it is composed of truck chassis, boom system, pumping system, hydraulic system, electric system, etc. When during the operation, concrete is discharged into the hopper of the pump truck, the pumping system will press concrete into the pipeline, and then discharge from the end of pipe. During construction, the concrete pouring position can be controlled by moving the tail pipe or rotating the angle of the boom.

Different Concrete Pump Truck Models Provided by Daswell

Daswell provide different concrete pump truck sizes and configurations to satisfy our client’s unique requirement. You can choose the suitable model according to the boom design, unfolded height, horizontal and vertical pumping range, pump output, pressure specification and some other factors. Daswell provide the different models truck-mounted concrete boom pump from 30m to 62m.

Parameter 38m 42m 47m 50m 58m
Whole truck Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 10500*2500*3850 11350*2500*3850 11350*2500*3950 12450*2500*3950 13820*2500*4000
Weight (kg) 25000 25000 33000 33000 44000
Drive way 6×4 6×4 6×4 6×4 8×4
Engine Yuchai Yuchai Yuchai Yuchai MC11.44-50
Output power/speed (kw/rpm) 243/2100 243/2100 243/2100 243/2100 327/1900
Emission standard Euro V Euro V Euro V Euro V Euro V
Wheelbase (mm) 4350+1300 4350+1300 4350+1300 4350+1300 1950+4500+1400
Arm & leg Vertical height (m) 38 40.1 47 50 57.6
Horizontal length (m) 34.1 36 42 46 52
Vertical depth (m) 22.8 23.6 29.4 36.2 38
Distance between front and rear leg 6800 6800 9000 9800 10483
Leg open method Front X type X type X type X type X type
Rear Swing type Swing type Swing type Swing type Swing type
Pumping system Theoretical capacity (m3/h) Low pressure 140 140 163 163 180
High pressure 83 83 97 97 120
Theoretical pumping pressure (MPa) Low pressure 8 8 8 8 8.5
High pressure 12 12 12 12 12
Main oil pump displacement (ml/r) 190 190 260 260 320
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.6 0.6

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Why are Concrete Boom Pumps More Efficient and Convenient?

As we all know, concrete boom pump is the most convenient pump among several kinds of concrete pumps.

  • Because the concrete boom pump truck is a kind of innovative mobile concrete product, which can provide pumping with the characteristics of high-volume, flexible and accurate distribution.
  • The boom design can reach above and around the object. Thus, it can reach the locations that were unreachable previously. So, concrete pump truck is very suitable for the construction sites with lots of obstacles, the flexible design makes it as the ideal concrete pumping solution of bridge on or around construction.
  • For the concrete boom pump is mounted on a truck chassis, so it can be move conveniently, and then, it can be used in many work sites in one day. What’s more, the boom can rotate 360°, so that it can reach anywhere you want to place.

In a word, all these advantages combined make the concrete boon pumps can be the pinnacle of pumping efficiency.

Wide Application of Concrete Boom Pump Truck

  • Concrete boom pumps have the characteristics of good mobility, short construction auxiliary time, high pumping speed, high working efficiency, high automation degree, can be operated by one operator. So, it is widely used in some high-rise building construction, bridge construction, etc.
  • In commercial buildings, concrete boom pumps can fill large foundations under the situation of reduced downtime and delays, and provide concrete for high-rise projects.
  • Due to the high use ratio of the boom pump trucks, some construction company buy and provide rental service.
  • Boom pumps also provide a faster and easier way to place concrete walkways, floor slab, and terraces in residential projects and overcome the challenges associated with bypassing obstacles or working on soft ground.

Daswell machinery is professional in producing and selling concrete pump truck for over twenty years. We have exported our boom pumps to many countries and get good feedback. We also set branch and warehouse in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. If you have any demand or any question about the concrete pumps, welcome contact us anytime, and you will get reply within 24 hours.

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