Concrete Line Pump Truck

Concrete line pump truck for sale is install the trailer concrete pump on a chassis. Compared with the stationary concrete pump for sale. The concrete pump truck has two advantages. One is that it’s more convenient to move due to the truck. Because you don’t need use an extra trailer to transport the pump from on site to other place. Another one is that this type pump truck reduce the labor intensity.

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HBC90 concrete line pump truck machine for sale
HBC90 concrete line pump truck machine for sale Philippines

Concrete Line Pump Specifications

According to the delivery volume, we supply different line pump truck models: TMLP40, TMLP60, TMLP80, TMLP90, etc. You can choose the suitable model according to your requirement, you can see the parameter details in the parameter tables. Truck mounted concrete line pump for sale with different models can be used in a variety of applications. For the small construction work, you just need choose a small concrete line pump. We Daswell machinery promise that our truck mounted concrete pump with high quality and competitive price.

                                                                                                 Vertical installed Engine Type Horizontal Installed Engine Type
Item TMLP 40-10-72 TMLP 60-13-132 TMLP 80-16-176 TMLP 90-22-194 TMLP90-176
Max.theoretical Delivery Volume(m³/h) 40 60 80 90 90
Max.theoretical Concrete Delivery Pressure(Mpa) 10 13 16 22 18
Power(Kw) 72 132 176 194 176
Main Oil Pump 112 Double 112 Double 140 Double180 260
Main Oil Cylinder(mm) Φ125*80*800 Φ125*80*1650 Φ140*90*1800 Φ160*120*1800 Φ160*120*1800
Delivery cylinder(mm) Φ200*977 Φ200*1650 Φ200*1800 Φ200*1800 Φ230*1800
Oscillating Oil Cylinder(mm) Φ70 Φ80 Φ80 Φ90 Φ90
Delivery Distance(Horizontal/Vertical)(m) 500/100 500/130 500/160 500/220 500/180

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Line Pump Truck Applications

Line pump has the characteristics of lower volume capacity and more flexible, so concrete line pumps are more suitable for the concrete pouring on some small construction projects, such as the swimming pool or road repair work, etc. So, if you want to do the small construction project or some residential work, a line concrete pump is a good choice for you. And it will not cost too much but sufficient to your small construction projects.

HBC90 line pump truck for sale
TMLP90 line pump truck for sale
Model TMLP90-176
Max. Theoretic Concrete Delivery Volume(m3/h) 90
Power(kw) 176
Engine Brand WEICHAI
Hydraulic System Form Open loop
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.8
Feeding Height(mm) 1400
Outline Dimension(mm) 8715*2490*3020
Overall Weight(kg) 11000

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Components of Concrete Line Pump Truck

Concrete line pump truck consist of control system, mixing system, dynamical system and drive system. Here I will introduce these four system details.

  • Our control system adopt the famous brand electrical components, such as Siemens, Omron and Schneider. And the control system adopt the double protection fully closed system, which reduce the failure rate of electrical components.
  • Daswell use the mixer machine has the advantages of low failure rate, high mixing efficiency and quick mixing speed. What’s more, the concrete mixer machine is equipped with the lining plate, easy to change and prolong the service life.
  • We provide two types dynamical system for our customer’s choice:electric motor and diesel engine. You can choose the suitable one according to your requirement and situation.
  • The concrete pump line truck chassis includes high and low gear, making the climbing become easier and mud ground escape ability is strong.

concrete line pump diesel engine
electric motor
hydraulic system
hydraulic part
lubrication system
PLC control

Concrete Line Pump Truck Advantages

 1. We adopt the twin shaft concrete mixer machine, which can confirm the concrete quality reach the commercial standard. For it can mix the concrete more quickly and evenly.

2. Due to the chassis, this type machine can move more convenient from one site to another site.

3.  The concrete line pump can realize the feeding, mixing and pumping automatically, which greatly reduce the labor cost.

4. Excellent working performance. High delivery pressure can meet the demand of conveying 100 meters high and 300 meters long distance. So the concrete line pump is a good choice for the construction sites.

5. Small investment cost and quick return. Usually, after purchasing a line pump truck, you can make profit in a short time as long as you operate the machine according to its instruction.

HBC60 concrete line pump truck machine for sale
Model TMLP 60-13-132
Max. Theoretic Concrete Delivery Volume(m3/h) 60
Power(kw) 132
Engine Brand WEICHAI
Hydraulic System Form Open loop
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.6
Feeding Height(mm) 1400
Outline Dimension(mm) 5300*1700*1950
Overall Weight(kg) 5200

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Daswell Concrete Pump Manufacturer

If you want to buy the high quality concrete line pump with reasonable price. You should firstly find a reliable and professional concrete line pump manufacturer. A reliable and professional manufacturer means that is has research on this machine, the quality and related service can be confirmed. You can search several supplier online and find a suitable one.

We Daswell is professional in producing various kinds of concrete pumps for over twenty years, we not only provide high quality product, but also provide the considerable service for our customers. We have exported our pumps to many countries and get good feedback, and we branch offices in Philippines, Pakistan and Egypt.

concrete line pump truck production factory
concrete line pump truck production factory

Any demand for truck-mounted line pumps or other products, welcome leave messages here, and we will reply you within 24 hours.


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