How to Choose the Suitable Concrete Pump for Your Construction Work?

Choose the Proper Pump Type and Model

For the different concrete pumping operation, the most important thing is pumping pressure, which greatly influence the pumping system configuration. For the different pumping pressures, the choice of concrete pump type and model is different. There are some factors influence the concrete pumping pressure.

  • Pipe Diameter
  • Pipe Length
  • Horizontal Distance and Vertical Rise
  • Bend Pipes Amount

Pipe Diamter

The pumping pressures of large pipe diameter is less than the small diameter. According to the ACI standard, the maximum aggregate size should not exceed one-third of the pipe diameter.

Pipe length

As we all know, during the process of concrete pumping, there will be friction with the wall of pipeline. So, the longer pipe is, the more friction exists.

Horizontal Distance and Vertical Rise

How Far can Concrete be Pumped? For the different concrete pumping, there is a concept is that horizontal distance and vertical rise. For the different pumping situation, the pumps and pipes can be customized. For example, if the pumping concrete horizontal distance is long, the concrete pump equipment suppliers can customize the pumping configuration. For example, for the long-distance pumping project, you can use two pumps. The first pump can pump the concrete into the second pump, which can improve the working efficiency.

Elbow Pipes Amount

For the concrete pumping pipes, there are some elbows pipes used, which will cause some resistance due to the direction change. So, using the elbow as little as possible.

elbow pipe


  • According to the actual requirement of height of pumping concrete for the construction project, choose the outlet pressure;
  • According to the mixing feeding ability, choose the range of output capacity;
  • According to aggregate situation of the pumping concrete, choose the form of the distribution value.The butterfly valve has the best adaptability to aggregate, but the cross-sectional area oQf the reversing swing is large, which is suitable for the low and medium pressure concrete pumps, and is suitable for infrastructure construction; S-shaped swing pipe valve has the small pressure loss, the concrete flow in the pipe is smooth, but due to the limitation of the pipe diameter, it has high requirements for aggregates, which is suitable for the medium and high pressure pump for high-rise building, long distance pumping and high quality concrete. The brake valve performance is between the butterfly valve and S valve, widely used in medium pressure pump.

Learn More about the Concrete and Better use the Concrete Pump

  • Concrete Mark. Generally speaking, concrete mark means the mixer proportion of the concrete. Concrete mark is determined by the strength grade of concrete. There are C25, C30, C35 grades, etc. they respectively represent the compressive strength is 25Mpa, 30Mpa and 35Mpa.

So, before you purchasing a concrete pump, you need know what concrete construction projects you will do, such as house construction, road construction, slope construction, etc. For different concrete construction projects, it needs different grades (strength grade) concrete.

  • Pumping Concrete Slump

There is an important index is concrete slump, which refers to the liquidity of concrete. Here, I will introduce something you should pay attention to the concrete slump.

  1. When the cement consumption is small, the slump should be reduced accordingly;
  2. When the conveying pipelines is long, the slump should be appropriately increased due to the lots of elbows and joints and caused large pressure lost.
  3. When pumping downwards, the slump should be appropriately reduced to prevent the concrete flow automatically and cause the pipeline block.
  4. When pumping upwards, in order to avoid excessive backflow pressure, the slump should not be too large.
  • Pumping Concrete Distance and Height

For the different concrete construction projects, the pumping height is different. So, there are different pumping concrete equipment you need to choose the suitable one. Concrete mixer pump is suitable and widely used for the small concrete construction, it has the advantages of small landing area; Trailer concrete pump can meet the height you need, the pipelines length and specifications can be customized according to your requirement. Concrete boom pump truck is convenient to move, but the pumping height is limited, the maximum height is 60m.

  • Concrete Particle Size

Concrete particle size is an important role when you choose the concrete pumping machine and concrete pumping pipe. In order to prevent the pumping concrete blockage, before you purchase a concrete pump, you need know your concrete particle size clearly.

Concrete Pump Types

There are different concrete pumps for sale for the different concrete pumping construction project, choose the suitable type is an important thing for clients.

1.Boom Pump

Concrete pump with boom is a kind of high efficiency concrete pumping equipment, it integrates the functions of driving, pumping and placing. It has the advantages of high reliability, high safety, high durability. The concrete pumping system with chassis, dynamic power, electric control, hydraulic pressure system is reasonable matching.

The boom is flexible to stretch out and draw back, the outrigger has a small space occupation. The concrete pump truck is easy to move, reliable and safe. The small pump truck for concrete is equipped with special chassis, so that it can easily through narrow and muddy roads.

Daswell 30m Pumpcrete
Daswell 30m Pumpcrete

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The biggest advantage of concrete boon pump is that is can used for the hard-to-reach areas.

How far can a concrete pump truck reach? Our largest model is 62m. It can achieve high rise concrete pumping, such as upper floors and apartment complex.


2. Stationary Concrete Pump

Stationary concrete pumps, also named concrete trailer pumps. Concrete ground pump is widely used the concrete construction of railway, highway tunnels, bridges, hydropower, high-rise buildings, etc. Daswell stationary concrete pumps adopt S valve.

There are diesel engine and electric type, customers can choose the suitable type according to the actual situation.

CPE 30 stationary pumpcrete
Stationary Concrete Pump/ Trailer Pump
Stationary Concrete Pump Work Site
Stationary Concrete Pump Work Site

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For the different capacities, there are 40 pump, 60 pump, 80 pump, 90pump. 40 pump means that the concrete output capacity is 40m³/h; For the pumping concrete particle, there are fine stone pump and coarse aggregate pump. Fine trailer pump can pump the aggregate size≤30mm. Coarse aggregate pump can pump the biggest aggregate size ≤40mm.

For the different usage scenario, there are tunnel trailer pump and high-speed bridge pump.

3. Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump has the features of small volume, convenient haul, low construction, etc. It is suitable for small house construction, road repair construction, water channel construction, slope protection construction, etc.

There are diesel and electric type for choice. Small concrete mixer with pump is suitable for the construction site in rural and villages and towns, because it can reach anywhere. It can be used in country road and dirt roads.

DHBT 40 Concrete Mixer Pump in San Juan Batangas
Daswell Concrete mixer Pump Work Site

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Choose a Professional Concrete Pump Manufacturer and Supplier

It’s very important for clients to choose a professional and reliable concrete pump manufacturer and supplier, which means they have perfect and considerable service: per-sale service, on-sale service and after-sale service. What’s more, a good manufacturer can guarantee the product quality. We are committed to quality customer support. We have professional and skilled staff for your technical support at anytime.

Daswell concrete pumps has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying quality concrete pumps for over thirty years, we are one of the world’s leading exporters of concrete pumping equipment. We offer a variety of concrete pumps with different models for a range of concrete construction application. We concrete pump can pouring concrete precisely to the hardest-to-reach places.

If you want to know more about concrete pumps, or want to buy concrete pumps, you can contact us. We have been focusing on making concrete pumps for more than 20 years, providing you with the best choice for your concrete pumping project.

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