Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Hot mix asphalt plant is a kind of popular type asphalt plant for sale in the market, since it can produce high quality asphalt. The difference between the hot mix asphalt plant and cold mix asphalt plant is that the aggregate need to be heated. It is a set of asphalt mix equipment for blending asphalt mixture. The performance of asphalt plants has a direct effect on the quality of asphalt and road. The asphalt mixing plant for sale is the key equipment for the highway construction, highway construction, urban road construction, port construction, airport construction and parking lots construction, etc.

SAP 3000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP 3000 hot asphalt mixing plant
Model SAP3000
Productivity(t/h) 240
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 570
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 650
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 35×55
Total Height(m) 27

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Hot Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale Introduction

A mixing plant consists of cold aggregate system, drying system, dust collecting system, hot aggregate lifting and storage system, mixing tower, finished products storage bin, etc. According to the different technological process, asphalt hot mix plant has two types for your choice. Continuous drum type and hot mix asphalt batch plant. Batch type hot mix asphalt plant for sale means that the heating and drying of the aggregates and the mixture mixing are conducted intensively and periodically. The equipment mixes the mixture in batches and separately, and it takes 45s to 60s to mix the mixture. And this mixing method has the characteristics of high productivity and good quality. While the processes of drum hot mix plant are continuous.

SAP 1000 Asphalt Plant
SAP 1000
SAP 1000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP 1000 hot mix asphalt plants

Model SAP1000
Productivity(t/h)80 80
Mixer Capacity(kg) 1000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 280
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 315
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 30×40
Total Height(m) 21

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Asphalt Plant for Sale Types

There are many types asphalt plant for sale, here I will introduce the different asphalt mixing plant.

According to the production capacity, it can be divided into small, medium, and large size.

Small size: the production capacity is below 40t/h

Medium Size: production capacity 40~400t/h

Large Size: Production capacity is above 400t/h

SAP 1500 Asphalt Plant
SAP 1500
SAP 1500 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP 1500 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Model SAP1500
Productivity(t/h) 120
Mixer Capacity(kg) 1500
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 339
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 365
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 30×43
Total Height(m) 23

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According to the transfer mode, it can be divided in to the stationary, semi-stationary and mobile type.

The mobile type is that the material bin and mixer come with tires, it can be transferred with the change of construction site, suitable for the township road and low-grade highway project.

Semi-stationary type is that the equipment is assembled on several trailer, assemble at the construction site, usually used for highway construction.

Stationary type is that you need fix the equipment operation site, also named asphalt concrete processing plant, it is suitable for the engineering concentration, urban road construction.

SAP 2000 Asphalt Plant for Sale
SAP 2000
SAP Batch Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP Batch Mix Asphalt Plant

Model SAP2000
Productivity(t/h) 160
Mixer Capacity(kg) 2000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 465
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 525
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 35×55
Total Height(m) 25

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According to the technological process, asphalt plant can be divided into the continuous drum type asphalt plant and intermittent compulsion asphalt plant.

Continuous drum type adopt the continuous mixing mode production, the aggregate heating, drying and mixing is in the same drum .

The forced intermittent type is that the heating and drying of aggregate and stirring of mixture are forced periodically.The equipment is stirred separately in their individual pot, stirring one pot costs 45 seconds to 60 seconds, the output depends on the model of the equipment.

SAP 3000 Asphalt Plant
SAP 3000 Asphalt Plant
SAP 3000 Hot Mix Batch Plant
SAP 3000 Hot Mix Batch Plant

Model SAP3000
Productivity(t/h) 240
Mixer Capacity(kg) 3000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 570
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 650
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 35×55
Total Height(m) 27

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SAP 4000 Hot Mix Aaphalt Plant
SAP 4000
SAP 4000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Working Site
SAP 4000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Working Site

Model SAP4000
Productivity(t/h) 320
Mixer Capacity(kg) 4000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 710
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 796
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 38×56
Total Height(m) 31

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Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Operations

Here I will introduce the hot mix asphalt batch plant operation.

  1. The wheeled loader feeds the stones of different specifications into the corresponding cold collecting silo. After volume measurement by the belt feeder controlled by the frequency converter, the stones are sent to the drying drum by the belt conveyor and then sent to the cold material belt conveyor.
  2. Heat and dry the aggregate to the certain temperature in the way of counter flow heating with the rotation of mixing drum, the aggregates are lifed up and down repeatedly. Then aggregate elevator will lift the aggregate  and discharge into the screening system, the aggregates will be divided into several specifications, then five specifcation will be conveyed into the weighing system to measure.
  3. In the process of drying heating the cold aggregates, there are old powder produced, they will be sent to the dust collecting and dishcarged into the recycling storage bin. And convey the new powder to the mineral powder storage bin. The new and old powder will be discharged into the powder weighing system. After weighing, they will be conveyed to the mixing drum.
  4. After the weighing of stones, powder and asphalt, begin to mix the mixture and after the mixing process finished, discharge the finished products to the finished products storage bin and then discharge them to the asphalt conveying truck. Start mixing after weighing the stones, powder and asphalt, discharge the finished product to the finished product silo and to the asphalt convey truck.

Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Manufacturer

Hot mix asphalt batching plant produced by Daswell with excellent characteristics and performance. Daswell machinery is one of the most reliable and professional asphalt plant manufacturers. We are professional in producing stationary asphalt plant for sale, mobile hot mix asphalt  plant, drum type hot mix asphalt plant, portable hot mix asphalt mix, etc.

SAP 5000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP 5000
SAP 5000 Large Size Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
Large Size Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Model SAP5000
Productivity(t/h) 400
Mixer Capacity(kg) 5000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 790
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 870
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 38×56
Total Height(m) 31

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Hot Mix Plant Price

We provide the hot mix asphalt batch plant with many types and specifications, so we can’t give the specific price here. As the asphalt mixing plant manufacture, we promise we will provide the reasonable and competitive price for you. If you have demand for asphalt mixing plant for sale products, welcome contact us for the products details and quotation. Welcome leave messages here.

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