How to use self-loading concrete mixer?

Self-loading concrete mixer is a kind of multi-functional concrete mixer, it combines the function of feeding, mixing, transporting, and discharging. It is really convenient . So, how to use the self-loading concrete mixer? This article will introduce the self-loading concrete mixer operation instructions of the self loading mixer.

self-loading mixer for sale
self-loading mixer for sale

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Self Loading Concrete Mixer Operation Steps

  1. Start the engine and check whether the instrument is normal;
  2. Pour the water into the mixing bowl with the pipe;
  3. Turn on the pump and add water to the drum;
  4. Press the drum switch forward to start the drum;
  5. Push the control arm, adjust the pebbles, cement and sand of the bucket and shovel materials in turn, according to the weight ratio;
  6. Move the handle to the left and the barrel rises; Move the handle to the back and raise the big arm;
  7. When the upper arm is lifted to 1 meter, the electronic scale will automatically display the weight of materials in the bucket
  8. .When the bucket reaches the drum gate, press the right button of the operating arm to open the gate and enter the drum. Then press the left button to close the drum gate.
  9. Push forward the manipulation armand lower the upper arm;
  10. Push the shift lever forward (second left) and hang forward;
  11. Push the shift lever forward (left) and put it in low gear;
  12. Pull the shift lever (second left) to reverse;
  13. Pull shift lever (left) and put in high gear;
  14. Push the front gear lever (second from left) and hang the front gear (high speed);
  15. Pull shift lever (second left) and reverse (high speed);
  16. When stopping, the two gears are in neutral;
  17. Step on the stirring, can realize the mixing while transporting, mixing for 10 minutes, adjust the discharging groove, press the switch of mixing drum, start discharging;
  18. After discharging, add water, open the add water button, and clean the drum;
3.2m3 self loading mixer truck

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