Interlocking Brick Making Machine for Sale

Interlocking brick making machine for sale is specially designed to produce interlocking bricks. Interlocking bricks are widely used in various construction projects, road construction, slope protection, park construction, garden construction, water conservancy, etc.

People want to produce interlocking bricks blocks can invest in the interlocking block machine, interlock wall block making machine can produce interlocking concrete block and interlocking soil block, so we also can name interlocking concrete block making machine, interlocking soil block making machine.

QTJ4-26 Brick Making Machine
BMM4-26 Brick Making Machine

Model BMM4-26
Capacity(for 390*190*190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 375-500
Molding Cycle(s) 26
Vibration Frequency (rpm) 4200
Exciting Force(KN) 45
Power(kw) 11.6
Overall Dimension(mm) 2150*1660*2550
Pallet Size(mm) 850*450

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Daswell machinery mainly provide the BMM series brick making machine, BMM4-26, BMM4-40B, and BMM4-15 are our hot sale models. You can choose the suitable model according to your requirement.

Small Interlocking Brick Machine
Small Interlocking Brick Machine

Model BMM4-40B
Capacity(for 390*190*190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 250-312
Molding Cycle(s) 40
Vibration Frequency (rpm) 2800
Exciting Force(KN) 40
Power(kw) 9.3
Overall Dimension(mm) 1500*1750*1900
Pallet Size(mm) 850*450

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Interlocking Brick Making Machine Design

Interlocking block making machine can produce interlocking bricks for its interlocking mold, the mold with unique chain design, the produced interlocking bricks have good stability under the effect of water flow, high porosity permeable flexible structural pavement can reduce the flow speed, reduce fluid pressure and improve the drainability. Therefore, interlocking bricks application is widely used and necessary for many constructions situation. So, if you want to invest in a brick making machine, the interlocking block machine is a good choice. It will not only play important role in increase vegetation, beautify the environment and protect ecological environment, but also can help you earn money and expand your business.

QT4-15 Interlocking Brick Machine
BMM4-15 Interlocking Brick Machine
finished solid block bricks
Interlocking Bricks

Model BMM4-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 720-960
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 5930-6720
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4600
Pallet Size(mm) 1020×570
Exciting Force(KN) 55
Overall Power(KW) 27.5

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For the raw materials of brick and blocks are easy to obtain. And the automatic interlocking brick making machine is convenient to operate, it is equipped with PLC control system, which can save labor and save the operation cost. Daswell interlocking block machine maker can produce various kinds of bricks and blocks with high working efficiency, and produced bricks and block with high quality.Matters You Need Know Before Buying Interlocking Brick Machine

  1. Production capacity. How many bricks you want to produce per hour? Then we can know your capacity requirement and choose a suitable model for you.
  2. Brick type and size. It will influence your brick molds type and size.
  3. Production scale. If you want to be brick manufacturer, you need choose big model interlocking maker plant. If you just need the interlocking block maker machine with small capacity.
QT4-15 automatic brick making machine
BMM4-15 components delivery
transport QT4-15 to Philippines
transport BMM4-15 to Philippines

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Interlocking Block Machine Maker Features

  1. igh Automation Degree. Equipped with the PLC control system, the production operation is easy, and save labor cost. The operation cost is low. And the electric control system has the functions of self-diagnosis, problem alarming. If there are some faults happened, the machine will let you know and give you the solving methods, which is really intelligent.
  2. Multi-functional. Interlocking block machine sale not only can produce interlocking bricks, but also can make other types bricks and blocks, such as hollow block, solid brick, standard brick, etc. By using different molds of the brick machine, different types bricks can be produced. And the size can be customized according to customers’ requirement.
  3. The hydraform interlocking block making machine feeds the raw materials compulsorily with revolve, so that the produced bricks and blocks have the features of high density. Two cylinders drive two arms feeding, so that the feeding machine is fast, durable, stable movement.
  4. Reusing the Waste, the raw materials of interlocking bricks are made from slag, sand, ash and some other construction waste. So, this is environment-friendly. What’s more, these raw materials are easy to obtain, which save the cost of the brick production.
  5. Vibration system: vibration system adopts frequency conversion technology, hydraulic transmission to ensure high speed loading, so that the concrete liquefaction to release air. The indenter and the die vibrate at the same time to ensure fast molding speed and high brick density.
QT5-15 automatic brick making machine
QT6-15 automatic fly ash brick making machine

Model BMM5-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 900-1200
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8800
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 1100×570
Exciting Force(KN) 60
Overall Power(KW) 32

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Model BMM6-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1080-1440
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8861
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4500-5100
Pallet Size(mm) 900×700
Exciting Force(KN) 65
Overall Power(KW) 28

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If you need quality interlocking brick making machine, contact us now!

Interlocking Brick Making Machine Price

Price of interlocking block making machine is decided by many factors, such as the product quality, models, shipment methods, etc. Daswell machinery promise you that we will provide our customers with high quality product and competitive price, considerable service. If you want to buy interlocking brick machine for sale, you need firstly know your production capacity requirement per hour, and what kind of brick do you want to produce, the size requirement of your produced bricks. Then we can recommend you the appropriate model according to your requirement. What’s more, we can customize the automatic interlocking brick making machine plant to satisfy your need.

Daswell Brick Machine Working Site
Daswell Brick Machine Working Site

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Interlocking Block Making Machine Manufacturer

Daswell machinery is professional and reliable brick block supplier and manufacturer, we provide different types brick block making machine according to the raw materials and different shapes and sizes of the bricks. We provide considerable and professional pre-sale service, on-sale service and after-sale service. Before purchase, customers can consult any questions about our brick machine, we will give you professional advice according to your needs, and we will send you the quotation. If you buy our machine, we will provide you with technical support and installation guidance. We have branch in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. So, we can serve you better.

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