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Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mini asphalt plant, small asphalt batch plant is very popuar in the market. Small portable asphalt plants are suitable for the small construction projects. Such as the rural road construction, small asphalt demand project, etc. It’s very convenient for users to operate maintain for its small size, volume and small occupation. And it is very easy move from one place to other places, it is just need dragged by trailers.

MADP 20 drum asphalt plant
Model MADP20
Capacity(t/h) 20
Weighing Accuracy(%) Aggregate ±1.5
Asphalt ±1
Total Power(kw) 40
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) Coal 10
Oil 5.5~7

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In general, the capacity of asphalt plant under 80t/h is regarded as mini asphalt, small asphalt batch plant, or portable asphalt mixing plant. Now our small portable asphalt plants for sale has been successfully exported to many countries, such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Indonesia etc.

Transport Small Asphalt Plant to Philippine
Transport MADP40 to Philippine

Transport MADP40 Small Asphalt Plant to Philippines
Transport MADP40 Small Asphalt Plant to Philippines
MADP 40 Shipment to Philippines
MADP 40 Shipment to Philippines

MADP 40 mobile asphalt drum mixing plant
Model MADP40
Capacity(t/h) 40
Weighing Accuracy(%) Aggregate ±1.5
Asphalt ±1
Total Power(kw) 75
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) Coal 10~13
Oil 5.5~7

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Drum Type and Batch Type

According to the technological process, there are two types asphalt plant for sale. One is drum asphalt plant, another one is batch asphalt type.

For the mini drum asphat mix batch plant, the working process is simple, the dry and mix the asphalt is conducting in the same device–dry drum. For the batch asphalt plant, asphalt mixture mixing is in a individual forced mixter, which make the asphalt mixture with higher quality.

Mini Asphalt Plants For Sale Characteristics

  1. Modular design and small size, small occupation.
  2. Assemble and dis-assemble easily.
  3. Dryer drum is made of high stength steel materials, that can prolong the service life and have the better theramal insulation. The mixing blades inside are good for heat exchange.
  4. The batching machine pirmary screen device can vibrate iteself, which can eliminate the oversize aggregate and reduce the equipment damage. What’s more, the screen device can imporve the heat exchange efficiencvy and reduce the fuel consumption.
  5. Humanized and reasonable structure. The open maintenance design makes the daily maintenance easy and safe.
  6. The vibrating screen adopt the patented screen mesh tension device, which can tight automatically and prolong the service life.
  7. Independent control system.Industrial computers and proprietary operating systems ensure stability and reliability under harsh field conditions. Equipped with a large LCD screen, to ensure that the display is clear, no tires after a long run.
  8. We adopt the advanced famous brand from home and abroad to ensure the reliable and safe running.

Portable Asphalt Plant Types

Mini Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Hot mix asphalt plant can produce the high quality asphalt. There is a heat device, also named drying drum, because when the materials in it will be heated and remobe the moisture, which can improve the raw material purity. We provide the mini hot mix plant and mini mobile hot mix plant for your reference. We Daswell mainly provide the SAP series hot mix asphalt plant for sale.

SAP 1000 Asphalt Plant
SAP 1000
Model SAP1000
Productivity(t/h) 80
Mixer Capacity(kg) 1000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 280
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 315
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 30×40
Total Height(m) 21

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Continuous Drum Type Mini Asphalt Plants

We adopt continuous mixing production, heat, dry and mix of aggregate are in the same one drum,which save the land occupation and production period. We mainly provide the MADP series drum type asphalt plants.

MADP 60 mobile asphalt drum mixing plant
MADP 80 mobile asphalt drum mixing plant

Model MADP60
Capacity(t/h) 60
Weighing Accuracy(%) Aggregate ±1.5
Asphalt ±1
Total Power(kw) 128
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) Coal 10~13
Oil 5.5~7

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Model MADP80
Capacity(t/h) 80
Weighing Accuracy(%) Aggregate ±1.5
Asphalt ±1
Total Power(kw) 165
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) Coal 10~13
Oil 5.5~7

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Compulsory Type Mini Asphalt Plants

The mini bitumen batching machine is equipped with JS forced mixer, which forces the aggregate to be heated, dried and mixed regularly. Small bitumen batching plants for sale produce the bitumen in batches, each pot taking 45 to 60 seconds to mix, depending on the type of small bitumen batching plant.

MAPY Series Small Portable Asphalt Plant
MAPY Series Small Portable Asphalt Plant
MAPY Series Asphalt Plant
Forced Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model MAPY-700 MAPY-1000 MAPY-1500
Capacity(t/h) 60 80 120
Mixer Capacity(kg/batch) 700 1000 1500
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) ≤6.5(oil fuel)
Weighing Accuracy(%) Hot aggregate:±0.5,  Asphalt:±0.3,  Filter:±0.2
Operation Mode Fully automatic/ Semi automatic/ Manual
Plant Covering Area(m) Length 35 40 40
Width 26 28 32
Height 15 15 16

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How To Choose Right Mini Asphalt Plants

Before you buy the asphalt plants, you should first clearyly know your construction project .

  • Know your construction project scale and you can choose the proper specification mini asphalt mix plant.
  • Know your amount and quality of the asphalt mixture requirement. Then choose the suitable specifications and types small asphalt batch plant.

Asphalt production period is long, you can choose the stationary mini asphalt mixing plant; Construction period is short and you have many sites need the asphalt plant, the mini mobile asphat plant is your best choice. you can install it for one project, and disassemble it for another project in another place, which is very convenient, disassemble only needs one day.

If you have any demand for the mini asphalt mixing plant, welcome you leave message on my website, tell me the scale of your project, and we will introduce you the most proper mini asphalt plants for sale.

Inspection Before Installation Of Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant

Here I will introduce the matters need to attention when you install the mini asphalt mixing plant. And to ensure the small asphalt batching plant to operate reliable and safely.

  1. Basic inspection of mixing plant: concrete base text report checking.
  2. Carefully inspect all parts of the small asphalt mixing plant. Including structural welding line, bolts, pin shaft, regulating wheel, wire rope, hook, lifting device, hydraulic jack climbing system, electrical equipment, etc.
  3. Check switch boxes and power supply lines of electrical equipment to ensure the safety of power supply during operation.
  4. Check whether the installtion and using technological performacne is well, check whether the safety protecion equipment is meet the requriement.
  5. During the process of asphalt plant installation, the site must keep clean and orderly so as not affect the operation safey.
  6. Set up a warning line in the operation area, and assign a special person to take charge of the warning to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the mixing station installation site.
  7. Small asphalt plants must be installed during the day andavoid the rainy, windy and foggy weather. If there is a sudden change of weather during the operation, the operation should be stopped.

Small Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

If you want to buy a small asphalt plant used for your construction project, you should find a reliable and professional asphalt plant for sale manufacture. Daswell is professional in producing various kinds of asphalt mixing plant for 30 years. We have rich experience and proven technique, we provide different types asphalt plant for sale. Such as stationary asphalt mixing plant, mobile asphalt batching plant, drum asphalt mix batch plant, etc. And every type asphalt batch mix plant has different specifications to satisfy the different scale construction project. We Daswell group has exported to many countries and get good feedback from our customers. If you have any demand for the asphalt mixing plant, welcome you contact us for the product details and quotaion.

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