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Planetary Concrete Mixer

Planetary concrete mixer for sale is a kind of mixer machine widely applied to the various kinds of construction projects, such as road construction, bridge construction, and civil and industrial construction projects, etc. We Daswell provide the MP series planetary concrete mixer for sale, also called vertical shaft concrete mixer. Planetary concrete mixers have an upright shaft and two or three multilayer folded blades, which are specially designed to mix materials faster and more evenly. With the rapid development of construction industry, planetary agitator plays an increasingly important role in construction industry.

planetary concrete mixer for sale
planetary type mixer in factory

Model MP330 MP500 MP750 MP1000 MP1500 MP2000 MP2500 MP3000
Output Capacity (L) 330 500 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Input Capacity (L) 500 750 1125 1500 2250 3000 3750 4500
Input Mass (kg) 800 1200 1800 2400 3600 4800 6000 7200
Mixing Power (kw) 15 18.5 30 37 55 75 90 110
Discharge Power (kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2 3 3 4 4 4
Lifting Power (kw) 4 4 7.5 11 15 22
Skipper Capacity (L) 580 870 1300 1740 2610 3480
Skipper Mass (kg) 870 1305 1950 2610 3615 5220
Skipper Speed (m/s) 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
Weight (kg) 1700 2000 3500 6000 7000 8500 10500 11000
Dimension (mm) 1910 x 1590 x 1747 2220 x 2071 x 1880 2581 x 2336 x 2195 2891 x 2602 x 2217 3223 x 2902 x 2425 3625 x 3230 x 2630 2893 x 3550 x 2695 3893 x 3550 x 2975

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Planetary Concrete Mixers for Sale Introduction

Planetary cement concrete mixer, also called planetary countercurrent concrete mixers, is a new-type concrete mixer equipment. When the concrete planetary mixer begin to mix the materials, the multilevel blade do the rotation and revolution movement at the same time, which can mix materials evenly and makes it easy to scrape material sticking on the inwall. We also have Sicoma concrete mixer Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer for you choice, having excellent performance. We Daswell provide the various specifications planetary concrete mix for sale, you can choose the suitable one according to your requirement.

planetary concrete mixer

Advantages of Planetary Concrete Mixer

  1. We MP series concrete mixers adopt the advanced Germany technology, which with high working efficiency. This type mixer machine not only can produce the common ready-mix concrete, but also can produce precast concrete, low slump concrete, dry concrete, plastic fiber concrete, etc.
  2. This type planetary cement mixer has the characteristics of good performance, high working efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient discharge and smooth transmission. It is an important part in the concrete batching plant.
  3. We Daswell provide two types planetary concrete mixer for your choice: electric concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer. You can choose the suitable type according to your situation.
  4. The mixer equipment with special design makes the mixing faster and more uniform and no material accumulation. Heavy-duty gearbox with reduction gear ensures high efficiency and low noise rotation. Compared with conventional gearbox, this device takes up less space and expands the maintenance space of mixer by 30%. Users can choose pneumatic or hydraulic discharge mode according to actual needs; In addition, we have equipped all machines with manual unloading mode for emergency use.
MP1500 Planetary Concrete Mixer

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Model MP330 MP500 MP750 MP1000 MP1500 MP2000 MP2500 MP3000
Discharging Volume(L) 330 500 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Charging Volume(L) 500 750 1125 1500 2250 3000 3750 4500
Input Mass(kg) 800 1200 1800 2400 3600 4800 6000 7200
Mixing Power(kw) 15 18.5 30 37 55 75 90 110
Discharging Power(kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2 3 3 4 4 4
Lifting Power(kw) 4 4 7.5 11 15 22 30 37
Weight(kg) 1700 2000 3500 6000 7000 8500 10500 11000
Dimension(mm) 1910×1590×1747 2220×2071×1880 2581×2336×2195 2891×2602×2217 3223×2902×2425 3625×3230×2630 2893×3550×2695 3893×3550×2975

Planetary Concrete Mixer Components

Vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer mainly includes five parts: mixing device of planetary concrete mixer, mixing device of planetary fly-cutter mixer, gearing system, water spray pipe, discharging device.

The agitator adopts parallelogram structure design, which can be rotated 180° for repeated use to improve the service life. According to the discharging speed design special discharging scraper, improve productivity.

Planetary mixer is equipped with flying knife, and the speed of flying knife can reach more than 200r/min. Because of the fast-mixing speed and high uniformity, the material can be avoided from pilling during the production of block bricks.

The drive system adopts advanced European technology. The improved model is quieter, has more torque and is more durable. Even under strict production conditions, the gearbox efficiently and evenly distributes power to each mixture and device, ensuring normal operation, high stability and low maintenance.

Install a specially designed sprayer on the water pipe. Spraying water mist can cover a larger area and make the mix more even.

The discharge door can be opened by hydraulic, pneumatic or manual operation. There are at most 3 discharging doors. The discharge door is equipped with special sealing device to ensure reliable sealing.

MP2500 Planetary Concrete Mixer
MP2500 Planetary Concrete Mixer
MP 3000 Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer
MP 3000

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mixer machine details
mixer machine details

Planetary Type Concrete Mixer Application

Planetary mixers play an important role in cement, construction industry in recent years. The Single cement product, precast concrete, high performance concrete these related products all need concrete planetary mixer. The improvement of mixing quality and mixing efficiency has brought the industry production to a new stage. Automated and reliable production allows users to experience the advantages of high-quality manufacturing, using the process without journal sticking and other problems; Of course, planetary vertical shaft concrete mixer is not only used in the concrete industry, but also in many industries such as refractory materials, ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on. Rich device collocation makes the planetary precast mixer more diversified functions, good sense of use, and it is indeed a good choice.

Planetary Concrete Mixer Delivery
Planetary Concrete Mixer Delivery

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Planetary Concrete Mixer Price

Planetary countercurrent mixer price is concerned by many people. What I want to say is that the price means the quality, and different models have different price. Daswell provide the planetary mixer for concrete with high quality and competitive price. If you want to get the specific planetary concrete mixer price, welcome leave us an inquiry here, and you will get reply within 24 hours.

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