Small Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Small concrete batch plant for sale is a good choice for the small project construction, it covers a small area, easy operation and easy installation. So it is more convenient move it from one site to another site. Small concrete plants are more economical and practical than big concrete batching plant. Small concrete batch plant is suitable for the small rural areas of the county level. We Daswell provide the small portable concrete batch plant with the different specifications.

Small concrete batching plants include stationary small concrete batch plant and small mobile concrete batch plant. We Daswell group provide the small stationary small concrete batching plant specifications of CBP 25, CBP 35, CBP 50, and the small mobile concrete batch plant for sale specifications of MCBP 25, MCBP 35, MCBP 50. You can choose the suitable type and specifications small batching plant for sale for sale according to your actual situation.










Different Types Of Small Concrete Batching Plant Parameters

We Daswell provide two types small batch concrete plants for sale, CBP series and MCBP series.

HZS series small cement batch plant is stationary type. Stationary type small concrete batch plant for sale can be divided into the skip hoist type and belt conveyor type according to the difference of convey way. Belt conveyor stationary concrete batching plant can produce higher quality of concrete, so it is more suitable for the concrete supplier. The skip hopper stationary concrete batching plant is high working efficiency, which is more suitable for the customers who have their own construction project.

HZS 25 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant
Capacity (m3/h)25
Aggregate BinPLD800
Discharge Height (m)3.8
Cycle Tine (s)72
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate: ±2
Cement: ±1
Water: ±1
Additive: ±1
CBP 35
Capacity (m3/h)35
Aggregate BinPLD1200
Discharge Height (m)3.8
Cycle Tine (s)72
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate: ±2
Cement: ±1
Water: ±1
Additive: ±1

MCBP series small concrete mixing plant is mobile type. It conveys the concrete by belt. So the difference among small mobile concrete batch plant is production output. The installation of the small mobile concrete batch plant is easy and it just need several hours. Therefore, if you need to transport the small concrete mixing plant from one site to other site frequently, MCBP series small portable concrete batch plant is an good choice for you.

YHZS 25 Mobile Batching Plant
MCBP 25 Mobile Batching Plant
Concrete mixer modelJS500
Mixing power(kw)18.5
Output per batch of mixer(m3)0.5
Max. Aggregate Size≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3)2×8
Walking speed(km/h)20
Discharge height(m)3.8
Total power(kw)40
YHZS 35 mobile concrete plants manufacturer
Concrete mixer modelJS750
Mixing power(kw)30
Output per batch of mixer(m3)0.75
Max. Aggregate Size≤60/80
Aggregate bin(m3)2×8
Walking speed(km/h)20
Discharge height(m)3.8
Total power(kw)55

Small Concrete Batch Plants Components

1. Mixing batch machine.We adopt the JS series concrete mixer or planetary concrete mixer made of high alloy wear resistant materials. The mixer has the characteristics of mixing evenly, high working efficiency, no leakage, low noise, etc.

JS 500 Mixer Machine
TCM 500 Concrete Mixer
JS 750 Concrete Mixer
ItemCharging Capacity (L)Discharging Capacity(L)Productivity( m/h)Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm)Overall Dimension
(LXWXH) (mm)
JS50080050025 Min80/604486x3030x5280
JS750120075035 Min80/605100x2250x6700
JS10001600100050 Min80/608765x3436x9540
JS15002400150075 Min80/609645X3436X9700
JS200032002000100 Min80/603500X2320X1677
JS300048003000150 Min80/603990X2600X1700
JS400064004000200 Min120/1004450X3050X2380

2. Small cement plantCement plant is equipped with the PLD concrete batching machine. There are two-bin, three-bin and four-bin materials storage hopper.

aggregate batching machine
aggregate batcher
concrete batching machine

3. Cement storage silo is used for storingcement and fly ash. We Daswell machinery provide the cement storage silo with thebolted type, welded type, horizontal type and low level type

4. PLC control system. Automatic control combine with the manual control, which is more reliable and easy operation. It has advantages of intelligent control, formula storage, drop compensation, alarm correction, and data printing.

Cement Silo
Cement Silo
Control System
Control System

5. Materials transportation system. Powder transportation adopts full-seal device; There are small clearance between spiral blade and cylinderto ensure thehigh transmission efficiency.

6. The electronic scale weighing systemweighs the powder, water, additive,which has the characteristics of high batching accuracy and accurate weighing.

Small Concrete Batching Plant Advantages

  1. Cover a small area,small land occupation;
  2. Easy movement and installation;
  3. Compact structure, long using service;
  4. High productivity and low energy consumption;
  5. Stable performance, low maintenance cost;
  6. 5. Small capital invest.
  7. High working efficiency.

There are so many types of concrete mix batch plant for sale, such as stationary concrete batch plant, mobile concrete batching plant, small concrete batch plant, etc. When will you choose the small batch concrete plant?

  • Early Stage Of InvestmentIfyou want to be a concrete supplier, and you want to buy a concrete batching plant, but you don’t have much money, the small concrete batching plant for sale is the best choice for you.Because it doesn’t cost much money and you can get return in the short time.
  • Small production project. When your production capacity is not very large, below 60m3/h, you can consider purchasing the small batching plant for sale. The small size also has the characteristics of high mixing quality and stable performance, which can totally meet the demand of producing concrete. What’s more, the small concrete plants just need small capital investment. .
  • Small Construction SiteWhen your construction site is small and not spacious. Small concrete batch plant for sale has the small occupation area, small concrete batching plant can work normallyin the small site, such as bridges, small buildings and some other narrow places, small concrete batching plant for sale is a good choice for these conditions.
HZS 60 Installation in Sir-Lanka
CBP 60 Installation in Sir-Lanka
HZS 60 for the Building Construction
CBP 60
Capacity (m3/h)60
Aggregate BinPLD1600
Discharge Height (m)4
Cycle Tine (s)60
Weighing Accuracy(%)Aggregate: ±2
Cement: ±1
Water: ±1
Additive: ±1

Small concrete batch plants for sale Manufacturer

Daswell group as a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer, we have rich experience and proven technology to produce the quality products over 30 years. We provide customers with different types and specifications of concrete batch plants for sale, we have exported our products to many countries, such as Pakistan, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Indonesia, Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. And we get good feedback from our clients due to the excellent performance of our products. Our small concrete batch plant for sale has gained good reputation at home and abroad.

YHZS 25 Batching Plant Installation in Philippines
MCBP 25 Batching Plant Installation in Philippines
Cement Silo Installation
Cement Silo Installation

So if you have any demand for our products, welcome you contact us, leave messages here, we promise we can give you the best and competitive price.

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