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Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

Stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale is a kind of complete set of equipment to produce asphalt mixture in bulk. The stationary asphalt plant is suitable used in large project which need large output and high efficiency, such as the highway construction, airport construction, urban road consturction, port construction, etc. It can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture. It is the first key equipment of asphalt pavement construction, its performance directly affects the quality of asphalt pavement.

Components of Stationary Concrete Batch Mix Plant

The stationary asphalt plant includes cold aggregate supply system, drying and heating system, hot aggregate lifting system, mixing system, finished products storage system, electric control system etc. At present, there are many types asphalt batch mix plant, such as the mobile asphalt mixing plant, stationary asphalt plants for sale, drum asphat mixing plant, etc. If you just need general quality asphalt, you can choose the stationary drum continuous mix asphalt plants. We Daswell mainly provide the  stationary asphalt batching plant with SAP series.

SAP 1000 Asphalt Plant
SAP 1000
SAP 1000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP 1000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Model SAP1000
Productivity(t/h) 80
Mixer Capacity(kg) 1000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 280
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 315
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 30×40
Total Height(m) 21

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SAP 1500 Asphalt Plant
SAP 1500
SAP 1500 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP 1500 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
Model SAP1500
Productivity(t/h) 120
Mixer Capacity(kg) 1500
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 339
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 365
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 30×43
Total Height(m) 23

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Stationary Bitumen Batching Plant for Sale

We Daswell group provide the stationary bitumen batching plant with different production capactity from 40t/h to 320t/h, which can competely meet your requirment, you can choose the suitable specification according to your construction project scale. The stationary asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of equipment to mix the dry and heated asphalt with different particle size aggregate into mixture at specified temperature in accordance with the set mixing ratio. Since stationary asphalt mix plant was produced, it received high praise by our customers because of its high-quality and stable performance.

SAP 2000 Asphalt Plant for Sale
SAP 2000
SAP Batch Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP Batch Mix Asphalt Plant

Model SAP2000
Productivity(t/h) 160
Mixer Capacity(kg) 2000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 465
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 525
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 35×55
Total Height(m) 25

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Stationary Asphalt Batching Plant Features

  1. The stationary asphalt plants for sale can realize the quick and convenient transport and installation work for the modular design.
  2. High efficient and and heat preservation drying drum, the special vanes make the heat exchange more sufficient.
  3. The measuring hopper loop belt feeder make the speed high.
  4. Asphalt plant vibrating screen has the advantages of high screening efficiency, easy maintenance, and we adopt the imported beaings.
  5. Hot aggregate bin: material level is clear, aggregate measurement is accurate, less clogging.
  6. Main mixer: more uniform mixing, faster speed, used materials can be recycled.
  7. Dust-removing system can completely meet the national standard og environment protection.
SAP 3000 Asphalt Plant
SAP 3000
SAP 3000 Hot Mix Batch Plant
SAP 3000 Hot Mix Batch Plant

Model SAP3000
Productivity(t/h) 240
Mixer Capacity(kg) 3000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 570
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 650
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 35×55
Total Height(m) 27

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SAP 4000 Hot Mix Aaphalt Plant
SAP 4000
SAP 4000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Working Site
SAP 4000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Working Site

Model SAP4000
Productivity(t/h) 320
Mixer Capacity(kg) 4000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 710
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 796
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 38×56
Total Height(m) 31

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SAP 5000 Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
SAP 5000
SAP 5000 Large Size Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
Large Size Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Model SAP5000
Productivity(t/h) 400
Mixer Capacity(kg) 5000
Total Power(Oil)(kw) 790
Tower Power(Coal)(kw) 870
Space Needed(L×W)(m) 38×56
Total Height(m) 31

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Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Parts

Asphalt mixing equipment is to connect each relatively independent unit to form a system with the agitator as the center. Stationary asphalt mixing plant parts are similar with other type asphalt plant, mainly consisit of the cold aggregate supply system, drying and heating system, combustor,hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, measure system,  dust collecting system, hot aggregate supply system,mixing system, finished product storage system, control system, etc.

Cold Aggregate Feed System

The singer hopper with large capacity is good to make the material classification for the customers. And the wide load of each hopper makes the feed smooth and efficient. The conveying belt has the frequency control device, which can control the feeding speed. What’s more, the material shortage warning indicator can aviod the hoppers without material.

Dry Drum

In the manufacture of asphalt mixture, moisture must be removed from the cold aggregate to ensure its bonding to the asphalt. In order to attain the optimum heating effect, the dryer drum has insulating layer to prevent heat loss.


Mixing system is one of the important parts of asphalt batch mixing plant. This type drum is a combination of a drying drum and a stirring drum. There are mixing blades welded on the inside of the drum, which can produce even mixing materials. The intermittent asphalt plant has a separate mixing bin in the mixing tower. The mixing cycle takes only 45 seconds. The mixing capacity is large, so the mixing machine load is large. Therefore, the fixed asphalt mixture plant is made of high wear resistant material to ensure the durability of the plant.

component of asphalt batch mix plant
component of asphalt batching plant

part of asphalt mix plant
asphalt batch mix plant control system

Vibrating Screen

The stationary asphat mixing plant adopt the vibrating screen to distinguish the particle of the aggregate. The vibrating screen is equippment with mutiple screen to ensure the accurate measure and high quality mixing. And the vibrating screen  sealed tightly to prevent the dust overflow. The vibrating screen is made of high strength manganese material to prolong the service life of rim.

Dust Collector

The dust collector adopt the nomex needle felt to prevent the water and oil. The layout of the filter bag ensures the use of surface area for efficient filtration. There are insulating layer outside the dust collector to prevent the bag condensation. The heat-resistant bag has a long using life. The particles size can be adjusted to satisfy the different formulation requirement。

Weighing System

Stationary asphalt production adopt the international famous brand–Mettler Teledo weighing sensor, which ahs the advantages of high measuring accurancy and automatic error compensation. The reasonable weighing order can prevent the partial loading. The double screw conveyor is used for powder measurement.

Finshed Products Storage Silo

The storage system of the side storage silo adopt the frequency conversion control to keep the rise and fall steady and position accurately. There is insulation outside the silo, which lowers the temperature drop. The discharge door is insulated by electric heating to avoid adhesion.

Equipped with diesel sprayer, to avoid the asphalt material in the dumper bonding.

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Supplier

There are many stationary asphalt batching plant suppliers, and you need find a  professional and reliable stationary bitumen batching plant supplier. Daswell is a professional asphalt plant manufacturer, we provide many types asphalt plant for sale for your choice, such as the mobile asphalt mixing plant, stationary asphat batch mix plant, small asphalt plant, drum asphalt batching mix plant, etc. You can choose the suitable on for your project. If you have demand for the asphalt plant for your construction project, we are glad to serve you with high quality product and perfect service. What’s more, we provide our customer with competitive stationary asphalt batching plant price. We promise we Daswell is one of the most professional stationary asphalt batch plant suppliers , what’s more, we provide competitive stationary asphalt mix plant price. Welcome leave message here and our sales will quote for you.

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