Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is a good performance mixer widely applied to the concrete batching plant. It is a kind of compulsory concrete mixer with excellent superiority. We Daswell provide the twin shaft concrete mixer provide two series twin shaft mixer for your choice: TCM series and MAO series. MAO series is Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer. The mixer is used to mix dry and harsh concrete, plastic concrete, fluidity concrete, lightweight aggregate and all mortar with high working efficiency. So twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is widely applied to many construction projects, such as road construction, bridge construction, water conservancy and wharf construction, etc.

twin shaft concrete mixer used in concrete batching plant
twin shaft concrete mixer used in concrete batching plant

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Introduction

The TCM series has the advantages of high mixing efficiency and good mixing quality. Daswell adopt the advanced Italy mixer technology, and the concrete mixer with the good characteristics of less noise, low energy consumption. Two spiral shafts are good for scraping the residual concrete mixture in the cylinder wall. What’s more, we adopt the new type sealing axial ends technology, so the sealing effect is excellent.

twin shaft concrete mixer
Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Delivery
Charging volume (L)80012001500175022503000450053006000
Discharging volume (L)5007501000125015002000300035004000
Max. Aggregate Size (mm)40/5040/6080/10080/10080/10080/10080/12080/12080/150
Weight (t)
Motor Power (kw)18.53018.5×222×230×237×255×255×275×2
Dimension (mm)3050 × 2530 × 26803110 × 2620 × 25802810 × 3200 × 19203020 × 2000 × 19203230 × 2000 × 19203460 × 2320 × 21403880 × 2600 × 22004100 × 2600 × 22004670 × 2600 × 2200
Mixing Time (s)≤72≤72≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30

Advantages Of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers

  1. Equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection device and wind pressure sealing protection device to effectively prevent leakage of slurry.
  2. The unique mixer monitoring system can monitor the working state of reducer, unloading pump and electric lubricating pump at any time.
  3. Multi-pipe water spraying system ensures even spraying of water.
  4. Our twin shaft batch mixeris compact and takes up little space.
  5. Use Italian original planetary gearbox, which has features of low noise, low temperature and long service life.
  6. Several groups of stirring blades in the mixing cylinder are staggered, which can fully stir the materials in the cylinder, and can quickly and evenly stir.
  7. The unloading door is driven by imported hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional driving mode, it has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth operation and accurate opening and positioning.
twin shaft concrete mixer for sale
twin shaft concrete mixer for sale
ModelDry Filling Capacity(L)Compact Concrete (L)ScraperMotor Power (kw)Weight (T)

Structural Performance Features

The concrete double horizontal shaft forced mixer is mainly composed of casing, spiral shaft assembly, driving device, piping, cover plate, chain cover and other components .

  1. The shellpart is mainly composed of plate and section steel, which is welded and formed in the factory and assembled together with other parts. It is the support of the double-shaft mixer. The shell is sealed tightly, there will be no fly ash, leakage of ash phenomenon.
  1. The spiral shaft assembly is the main component of the double shaft mixer, its components mainly have the left and right spiral shaft, bearing housing, bearing sleeve, bearing cover, gear, sprocket, oil cup, blade and other parts.
agitator shaft of concrete mixer
agitator shaft of concrete mixer
internal structure
internal structure

Components Of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

  1. Mixing system. Mixing system consists of electric motor, belt pulley, exposed gear, reducer, oil supply system, mixing drum, mixer shaft, mixing arm, mixing blades and side entry blade. Mixing drum is equipped with two horizontal mixer shafts and each shaft is equipped with mixing blades, at the both sides of the cylinder was equipped with side blades respectively, which can scrape the concrete of the end face and change the flow direction of the concrete. In addition, there is sealing device between mixing drum and mixer shaft to ensure the good sealing quality.
  2. Feeding system. Feeding system includeshoisting mechanism, feeding frame, hopper and feeding nozzle.
  3. Water supply system. Water supply system is made up of water pump, throttle valve, cleaning device and spray system. Throttle valve can adjust the water-carrying capacity device and the total water supply is adjusted by the time relay.
  4. Discharging system. Discharging system includes discharge door, air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder and this process can be accomplished by three ways: hydraulic control, pneumatic control and manual control. Moreover, the discharge gate driven by the pneumatic system is stronger than driven by the hydraulic system, and hydraulic system can avoid the air shortage and can not open the discharge gate. Manual operating lever is ready for temporary electricity interruption, hydraulic system or air system fails to work. At ordinary times, should dismantle it and avoid it will hurt people. As for hydraulic system and air system, you can choose an arbitrary you like.
  5. Electrical control system. There are air switch, fuse protector and thermal relay. All control buttons, air switch and indicator light are set on the door of distribution box and has a door lock. And set a protective door outside the button. In the distribution box, electrical components are equipped on the insulation board, it is reliable, safe and easy to maintain.
JS 500 Mixer Machine
TCM 500 Concrete Mixer
Charging Volume(L)800
Discharging Volume(L)500
Max. Aggregate Size(mm)40/50
Mixing Power(kw)18.5
Mixing Time(s)≤72
JS 750 Concrete Mixer
Charging Volume(L)1200
Discharging Volume(L)750
Max. Aggregate Size(mm)40/60
Mixing Power(kw)30
Mixing Time(s)≤72

Twin Horizontal Shafts Forced Mixer Operation Specification

  • Check before using. First push the switch, then close the knife brake, check whether the operation is flexible. Whether the vibrator, the roller and the paddle are running normally. The winding condition of the wire rope on the reel; Whether the rise or fall of the gangue stage is normal. Inform E&M team to deal with any fault found. And it can be used after dealt.
  • Do not feed too much at one time, according to the ratio of feeding, pay attention to water-cement ratio.Stir evenly, a stirring time shall not be less than one minute, mix good concrete normally.
  • Fixed person to boot, the driver should be familiar with the operating system operating principle, found fault andstop immediately to inspect.
  • The electrical parts should be taken care of and the cables should be well protected to prevent damage.
  • The concrete mixer should be flat, and don’t stand the people under the mixer hopperin case of the concrete falling injury.
  • When it stops run temporarily, should be regular (every 20 minutes), start the mixer, prevent concrete solidification or concrete pour out of the drum, and wash the drum with water.
  • After concrete pouring stops, the roller and the mortar outside the machine should be washed and cleaned in time.The hopper is cleaned under each shift so that when the feed is lowered, it falls to the designated position of the party and the surface is oiled for next use.
  • Conscientiously implement the shift system, the working machine operation, matters needing attention and so on to explain clearly.
JS 1000
Charging Volume(L)1500
Discharging Volume(L)1000
Max. Aggregate Size(mm)80/100
Mixing Power(kw)18.5×2
Mixing Time(s)≤30
JS 1500 twin shaft concrete mixer
Charging Volume(L)2250
Discharging Volume(L)1500
Max. Aggregate Size(mm)80/100
Mixing Power(kw)30×2
Mixing Time(s)≤30


Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Manufacturers

Daswell machinery is a professional and reliable twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer, we provide planetary concrete mixer and twin shaft forced mixer these two types concrete mixer for your choice. For the concrete twin shaft mixers, you can choose Sicoma twin shaft mixer and ordinary twin shaft concrete mixer machine. We have mature technology and rich experience of the twin shaft forced concrete mixer production, if you want to buy twin shaft concrete mixer for sale, welcome contact us or leave us an enquiry here, you will get reply within 24 hours.

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